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Item not dispatched - too early to worry?

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pasturesgreen Fri 09-Sep-16 12:32:43

Bought a jacket on Tuesday late afternoon and paid immediately.
Listing stated a 2 working days dispatch time.
The item is still not marked as dispatched and there's been no communication at all from the seller. I wouldn't usually mind terribly but was hoping the have the jacket with me by the middle of next week and it now seems unlikely.
Is it too soon to email seller and ask when she plans to send it?

OneTiredMummmyyy Fri 09-Sep-16 13:59:01

Is it a private seller or a business? If it's a business then drop them a line; if it is a private seller then I personally would leave it a little longer. Not everyone marks the item as "dispatched" either, so it may have been sent. I buy loads from ebay, so trust me on that one! grin

CakeByTheOcean Fri 09-Sep-16 15:14:46

Totally agree with the marking a dispatched notification. Not everyone does it and on a couple of occasions I have received the dispatched alert a couple of months after the item has arrived!

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Fri 09-Sep-16 15:27:14

I would send them a message, will give you an idea with what's going on. They could post it off tomorrow, you should get it by mid week then.

19lottie82 Fri 09-Sep-16 16:16:42

Definitely send them a message, they may have sent it and not updated the status, or they may not have sent it and a message with give them a reminder / gentle nudge.

First Class only usually takes 1 working day and Second Class , 2 days, so even if they haven't posted it yet, if they act quickly you should still be able to get it by mid next week.

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