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Should i contact the ebay member by phone??

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kittylette Fri 02-Feb-07 12:01:17

my dress that was due on monday still hasnt turned up

ive requested her phone number

should i ring her??

foxtrot Fri 02-Feb-07 12:02:22

i'd email via ebay first if you havn't already.

kittylette Fri 02-Feb-07 12:03:08

i have lots of times, she keeps saying its on her way, but will not give me the tracking number

SoupDragon Fri 02-Feb-07 12:03:59

Insist she gives you the tracking number or you will file a dispute with Ebay.

franke Fri 02-Feb-07 12:04:17

Then deffo 'phone - she'll have been informed by ebay that you requested her details so it won't exactly be a bolt from the blue.

kittylette Fri 02-Feb-07 12:05:27

she keeps saying it was parcelforce through the post office, and they track it for her and she hasnt got the number

she says she has a recipt so surely it would be on there?

kittylette Fri 02-Feb-07 12:07:29


SoupDragon Fri 02-Feb-07 12:08:43

Alternatively, post on Mumsnet and it will turn up in under 10 minutes.


Imafairy Fri 02-Feb-07 12:08:53

Is it lovely?

kittylette Fri 02-Feb-07 14:07:44

i know why does that always happen??

maybe if i start a 'Johnny Depp is whisking me away tomorrow thread' ...??

it IS lovely, not quite the colour i thought, more ivory than cjampagne, but i LOVE IT!

helenhismadwife Fri 02-Feb-07 21:14:11

glad your dress has turned up kitty

now why havent Robbie Williams and Johnny wilkinson rung me about taking me away???

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