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whats are reasonable delivery time?

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Bananaknickers Fri 02-Feb-07 09:49:07

If someone pays by paypal? I expect about a week maybe? What are your thoughts?

Flower3554 Fri 02-Feb-07 09:58:32

I've had stuff delivered the very next day, but on the other hand I've also waited a month for delivery

I think a week is about average.

Bananaknickers Fri 02-Feb-07 17:34:35

Thanks for your reply. Thats wahat I would have thought

fannyannie Fri 02-Feb-07 17:35:19

I would say a week as being 'reasonable' anything quicker - brilliant, anything slower then they're taking the P*ss

helenhismadwife Fri 02-Feb-07 21:11:41

If someone pays me by paypal I try my best to get it sent the next working day and if its going to be more than two or three days before I can post then I email and tell them so, I think if someone pays me quickly then they have a right to expect me to post quickly.

I dont mind waiting a week as a buyer I think thats fine, I dont bid on auctions that I cant pay by paypal for.

andyrobo237 Wed 07-Feb-07 15:09:40

I would usually expect things within a week, but if not received, I send polite email asking if it has been sent yet. Usually get polite reply back - saying oh yes sent, but sometimes get snotty one back - I forget that some people may only have access to pc via library or at weekend or only during week, and may only get to PO once a week, so try to give benefit of doubt! cOMMUNICATION IS THE KEy!

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