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nikkie Thu 01-Feb-07 22:07:04

Is there a limit to how much you can take out a time? Or how many times amonth?
I know it is free to withdraw over £50 a time but under you have to pay.

Laura032004 Fri 02-Feb-07 07:12:23

Think you can take out any amount as often as you like. No charges as you say unless under £50. At Christmas (I did a lot of trade then), I was withdrawing daily, or twice daily sometimes. HTH

Pixiefish Fri 02-Feb-07 07:15:40

If you've upgraded your account to the account paypal recommend (free to do) there is no limit. If you have the standard account then there's a limit

JustUsTwo Fri 02-Feb-07 07:23:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nikkie Fri 02-Feb-07 13:50:27

Thanks.It now wants me to upgrade but I have done this before (the 2 small deposits thing)

Pixiefish Fri 02-Feb-07 20:12:57

No Justustwo. It limits how much you can withdraw when you have a bog standard account. You need to verify your account by giving cc details- you do this by letting them charge $1.95 and then refunding it to your account. You have to wait till they've done the debit and then use the code from the debit to verify your account.

I did it a very long time ago but do just about remmeber- maybe you forgot as well.

It's to do with money laundering

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