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Y'know if a seller states 'No returns'?

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NotTodaySatan Wed 31-Aug-16 12:59:59

Do Ebay always side with them?

Bought a dress that was described as a 1950's wiggle dress. It arrived today and it's a skin tight body-con number that barely reaches to my mid thigh and I'm only 5'2!

Have requested a return and said I'm happy to pay for return postage. Can the seller just say no?

RNBrie Wed 31-Aug-16 13:01:57

If an item is not as described, I'm pretty sure the "no returns" is meaningless. EBay usually sides with the buyers on most things!

OneTiredMummmyyy Wed 31-Aug-16 14:03:46

Does it look like the photos? Is it the same dress as the photos in the listing?

19lottie82 Wed 31-Aug-16 16:15:55

If it's been misdescribed then "no returns" is meaningless.

"No returns" only applies to a change of mind, non fault return request.

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