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PAYPERDROP again! Please reassure me!

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Ceolas Thu 01-Feb-07 08:50:04

Have just checked out with them and done the booking form. Do they give a time for collection? Have just phoned and got a recorded message saying there is no reply and I can't leave a message. It will be OK, won't it? [nail-biting emoticon]

Laura032004 Thu 01-Feb-07 09:37:03

Have used them lots of times, and have been very happy with the service. You don't get a collection time, but I've gotten quite friendly with the driver now , so I know what time he will arrive on certain days of the week.

Ceolas Thu 01-Feb-07 13:33:02

No sign yet

WelshBoris Thu 01-Feb-07 13:34:48

I'm waiting in for them aswell, they are usually great though.

Ceolas Thu 01-Feb-07 16:00:37

Eek, still no sign! [panic emoticon]

WelshBoris Thu 01-Feb-07 16:01:40

Mine has been and gone.

Try mailling them?

Ceolas Thu 01-Feb-07 16:02:54

I phoned just before 3 and they said they would collect up til 5.30pm. If nothing has happened by then, I'm stuffed though. They close at 5...

Ceolas Thu 01-Feb-07 16:53:31


I knew it was too good to be true

Parcel needs to be delivered tomorrow or Saturday.

WelshBoris Thu 01-Feb-07 16:54:12

Hopefully they will come tomorrow and get the parcel there by Saturday.

They usually are excellent.

Ceolas Thu 01-Feb-07 16:55:22

I phoned and they said to have it delivered on a Saturday would cost £25.

They are phoning me back.

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