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Posting e bay parcels

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topntail Wed 31-Jan-07 21:41:39

Have started selling on e bay and have had quite a few parcels to post.

I don't drive and dh normally takes me to the post office to post them.

I know royal mail used to do a collection service for about a fiver a time but they don't offer that sercvice anymore residentally only to business's .

They recommended parcelforce and just wondered if anyone else has used the service and how it works ,re how many parcels your allowed,how they weigh them etc.

nikkie Wed 31-Jan-07 21:57:49

There is a link on the ebay £400 thread to the 5.99 parcels, never used them myself though some on there have.

tinkerbellie Wed 31-Jan-07 22:38:55

yes i have used it found out about here through here it's called payperdrop and if you search for it through ebay put that or delivery

it's £5.99 and dhl run it i think , they collect from you on the day of your choice (can't specify a time though normally call at mine around the same time) andthen deliver normally the next day

they can take fairly heavy and big items too well worth the cash - hate going to the post office they are dead miserable near us

topntail Wed 31-Jan-07 23:27:47

Thanks everyone,will take a look at the sites you suggested.

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