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Someone wants to 'buy it now' but I have no idea what to charge...

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Flumpybumpy Wed 31-Jan-07 10:17:29

Think how much you would be happy get if the auction ran. If the auction ended at £5 would you be happy or pissed off?? Keep going up until you reach a figure that you would be happy with then charge that.

You don't have a buy it now if you don't want to just reply saying you want to give everyone a fair cahnce and let the auction run it course. Alternatively ask him to make you a reasonable offer. Then you will get an idea how much people are prepared to pay.

If you decide to set up a Buy it Now then you will have to do ASAP as there is a point when you can't do it anymore. Try in revise your item and see if the Buy it Now option is available.


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minko Wed 31-Jan-07 10:10:40

It's an Apple Mac keyboard and mouse. I put it on for a pound yesterday and it has one offer and 4 watchers already. How much do I charge him...? I'm not sure how to stop the auction either as I'm a bit new to this...

Here's the link:

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