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Ebay novice - I have a question anout personl cheques

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Cadbury Tue 30-Jan-07 21:43:39

I have pnly used paypal once before so don't have funds sitting in it - was planning to pay for an ite I had won with my debit card through paypal but the seller doesn't accept credit or debt cards through paypal (not sure why)
My other option is a personal cheque. Now do I need to put the cheque guarantee number on the back?

Cadbury Tue 30-Jan-07 21:44:04

sorry, my typing is awful!

vickiyumyum Tue 30-Jan-07 21:47:47

hi, you can put your cheque guarantee details on the reverse, but most ebayers will still wait the 5 working days for it to clear and some of them wait 10 working days as cheque can take longer to bounce then the 5 days.

personally i wouldn't put my detaisl on the reverse as i would keep my cheque/debit details confidential

Cadbury Tue 30-Jan-07 21:50:52

so it isn't expected that you should put the guarantee number on there then . . .?

DumbledoresGirl Tue 30-Jan-07 21:52:48

I have never known this to be expected cadbury.

misdee Tue 30-Jan-07 21:52:58

no cadbury as the CG will only apply for shops

Cadbury Tue 30-Jan-07 21:58:17

thanks uys - I knew you lot would know!

Now, I wonder if I can hold off giving birth until afte the camera arrives!

DizzyBint Tue 30-Jan-07 21:59:57

there is no point writing it on the back. it means nothing at all. the cheque still has to go through the clearing cycle. the seller doesn't have your card there to see so there is 100% no point.

flutterbee Tue 30-Jan-07 22:00:06

are you able to send a postal order instead?

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