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Whats the weirdest thing you have sold /bought on ebay?

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nikkie Tue 30-Jan-07 21:35:27

thats it !
Inspired by a thread on MSE

charliecat Tue 30-Jan-07 21:39:49

weirdest thing I sold was a fraggle rock video for 17.99......just simply for the fact id brought it for 50p
weirdest thing Ive brought???? erm cant think.

misdee Tue 30-Jan-07 21:42:32

i bought some eyelashes* on ebay recently. is that wierd enough?

weirdest thing we have sold was my dh nail clippings. but the bloke freaked dh out as he wanted to swap nailclippings and not pay and sent dh a mini bag of his own clippings.

oh goodnessi s there a theme on our ebay stuyff here

*the eyelashes are not human eyelashes but a strip of synthentic eye lashes for a doll i am working on.

charliecat Tue 30-Jan-07 21:43:29

OMG wwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy were you selling dhs toenail clippings?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

misdee Tue 30-Jan-07 21:45:03

he just wanted to see if people really did buy anything lol!

he had a lot of interest, one person wanted to know the length of them as she was doing a biology degree or something and needed some for an experiment. he thought she may want to clon him

charliecat Tue 30-Jan-07 21:45:59

how much ?how much?! dd1s toe nails grow rapidly

misdee Tue 30-Jan-07 21:46:39

i really cant remember CC, it was yeeeeeeeears ago.

lexiemum Tue 30-Jan-07 21:47:10

a nicotine stained glass paperweight with a picture of st leonards on sea (I think) in the base. went for over a tenner!

some grotty china tea set - not complete, went for around the tenner mark too, had a bidding war in the last minute and went to an antiques dealer.

but the best and weirdest was an incomplete pack of playing cards (that weren't in perfect condition) in a very damaged leather case - they were the first playing cards that used countries and odd things rather than what you see now. Went for an astounding £600! (we did do a bit of research and got an appraisal but the starting bid was low to reflect the damage)

all items were left by my dh's grandmother and ended up at our house once the other family members had had their bits. I think they thought they'd left us the rubbish!

nikkie Tue 30-Jan-07 22:04:24

MSE thread

charliecat Wed 31-Jan-07 13:44:10

MSE thread was great

Flower3554 Wed 31-Jan-07 13:50:57

A couple of years ago when I first discovered ebay I scrolled down to weird items for sale and out of curiousity I had a look.

Someone was selling their "last joint"

The blurb said the person was giving up the stuff and had been saving this one to share with her boyfriend. He, however had just dumped her and she couldn't face smoking it alone.

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