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Just had this comment sent to me... please take a look and let me know what you think

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juicychops Tue 30-Jan-07 16:50:11

A woman has bought an iron off me and emailed me yesterday saying it doesn't give off enough steam can i advise. Then half hour they sent another message saying

'Enter your question hereyou stink'

Ive only just looked at my messages today. is this meant to be an offensive message cos thats what it seems like. what should i send in response?

IncognitoForThis Tue 30-Jan-07 16:51:16

I think maybe she didn't actually mean to send that one!! Answer the firs question and ignore the second unless you have further of that type!

scatterbrain Tue 30-Jan-07 16:51:51

could have been a kid messing about ??

Have they left you feedback yet ?

juicychops Tue 30-Jan-07 16:54:01

no not yet. i was going to say something like i hope that message wasn't intended to be a horrible remark like it sounds like it is. shaould i not write that?

IncognitoForThis Tue 30-Jan-07 16:56:02

Ignore it for now. You want decent feedback if at all poss. Negative feedback is a pain. "You stink" is too stupid to dignify with a response really isn't it.. I mean they can hardly smell you through cyber space!

scatterbrain Tue 30-Jan-07 16:58:42

The most I'd say is "I beg your pardon ?" tbh - be tempted to say that just to let them know you've received it - just in case it was a kid messing about !

Pretty immature of them if they meant it ! Don't forget that you get to give them feedback too !

ComeOVeneer Tue 30-Jan-07 17:00:41

Surely if it was meant for you it would have read "enter your answer (or reply) here you stink"? Not "your question".

juicychops Tue 30-Jan-07 17:01:40

ive replied to the question now. Then i sent a seperate message saying im not sure what you meant by the last message you sent me. I hope it wasn't what it seems

juicychops Tue 30-Jan-07 17:02:44

ComeOVeneer thats what i meant. Maybe they just arn't very bright or clued up. Then that would explain both the comment and the 'question'

juicychops Tue 30-Jan-07 17:14:41

ComeOVeneer i meant to say thats what i thought!

helenhismadwife Tue 30-Jan-07 20:34:29

how immature, if you do get a similar response forward it to ebay. I had a lot of hassle off someone on ebay it was really unpleasant, I just sent the emails on to ebay without responding. on every e mail you receive through e bay there is a blue highlighted bit (on the right near the respond bit futher to the right and a bit lower)is this e mail appropriate and a bit where you can report it.

I would ignore a one off though as others have said probably an idiot kid

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