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Non payment-what to do?

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swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:03:30

hi all- i sold some jojo maman bebe dungers on ebay last friday and got a bloomin pittance for them but anyway... the auction ended on friday and they still havent paid. what would you do?

scatterbrain Tue 30-Jan-07 13:04:46

It's not that long really - have they been in touch at all ? I'd send an invoice if you haven't already - and a reminder maybe ?

They might have been sick or away over weekend ??

geekgrrl Tue 30-Jan-07 13:04:50

give it until friday and then send a reminder.

fannyannie Tue 30-Jan-07 13:04:57

Send them another invoice, or a message to remind them to pay.

swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:13:08

i did do and no reply???

scatterbrain Tue 30-Jan-07 13:13:55

Might be ill or away ?? Give them a chance - it's really not very long.

Catilla Tue 30-Jan-07 13:18:46

I'd say give them time... could be ill/away/unable to logon - any number of reasons.

What's the hurry? Don't send them until you've been paid... and you can always relist for free if nothing comes of it.

swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:19:24

ok will do, its just i usually pay straight away. just being impatient!!

fannyannie Tue 30-Jan-07 13:20:19

but swfit - you are assuming that the winning bidder was actually online when they won - perhaps they placed their bid an earlier day and haven't been online since???

swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:22:58

i was assuming that but surely you would log on to see if you had won something. I would!! this is all new to me. but am loving ebay!!

Tups Tue 30-Jan-07 13:35:49

I've had a few problems on e bay with regards to people not paying and it is SO frustrating!! Be patient though no matter how hard and remember not everyone is as honest and reliable as us! I normally send a nicde e mail to them from the contact seller bit asking how they are going to pay. If no response, I e mail them again saying that if you don't get a response within a certain amount of time then you will have to open and "unpaid item dispute". Most people are pretty good at paying but some need a bit of a push! I've been buying and selling on ebay for a while and I get really annoyed with some people as you sell stuff with hardly anything and then they try it on by not paying, one woman sent me cash in the post for less than she won the item for!!!

Tups Tue 30-Jan-07 13:36:45

Oh, maybe their computer isn't working or something has happened........that's why I always try to be nice just in case they have had a problem or anything

uwila Tue 30-Jan-07 13:37:22

Some people forget to check. Or they big then run off on a business trip forgetting all about ebay. I think I'd give em a week before worrying.

fannyannie Tue 30-Jan-07 13:41:13

some people don't actually have a computer at home - and rely on Library/Internet Cafe for their connection too......

swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:41:48

woops just got an email back saying that her baby has been teething. but no outcome on when she would pay!?

Tups Tue 30-Jan-07 13:50:43

well, thar's a start, at least she has contacted you. Maybe she will sort it out for you today (with any luck). I've got someone ignoring my mails at the moment with regards to an item they bought last week! They asked if they could pick it up as fairly heavy (brand new pair of steel toe boots that they got for an absolute baragin). Me and dp don't like people coming to the house as it was her brother coming to collect so we said we would drop it off (only about a mile or so away), we tried to phone him on his mobile on Saturday and Sunday on and off for over and hour and he did not answer (and I tried Friday night), I have sent e mails saying that we can't get hold of him and now I am being ignored and they want to pay cash on delivery. So I am really frustrated aswell so I know how you are feeling!

swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:53:38

thanks tups. will et you know outcome!!

swifterella Tue 30-Jan-07 13:54:01

oh and hope you get your cash!!

Nemo2007 Tue 30-Jan-07 13:57:54

did you only put paypal as payment option because if she is sending cheque or postal order it may take up to a week or so. She obviously wants them as she has been incontact.

Tups Tue 30-Jan-07 14:02:37

thanks, I'll keep watching! And good luck on e bay! xx

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