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Snarky message

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MeridianB Wed 17-Aug-16 09:25:59

I sold a brand new child's top last week. It was from the Little Bird range in Mothercare and had tags attached.

The buyer wrote a one line message to me last night saying:

"It is nice to mention when selling if an item comes up ridiculously small"

Now, as the item was not worn I have no idea whether it comes up small. Also, it depends on size of the child, too. I know some two-year-olds who are 18-month size and some who are in size three clothes. Plus, we know sizes differ from brand to brand. I have learnt that John Lewis and M&S run large but I'm not an expert on every brand. The top was not from an obscure range.

My question is this. Should I ignore? Should I reply (along the lines of what I have said above)? I would like to say 'don't buy online if you're not sure of sizes' but that's not a good idea.

Neither of us has left feedback yet. I'm aware that you cannot leave anything other than positive feedback for a buyer (which is crazy).


ALemonyPea Wed 17-Aug-16 09:31:50

Just say that as your child never wore the top you were unaware of sizing.

Pandamanda3 Wed 17-Aug-16 09:57:44

I second that! How do you know if it's not used? I don't know? I would try to explain politely as otherwise your feedback will get slammed. Iv a shop on there and some of the questions comments I get leave you wondering lol!
Does the material on this look cheap, is it good or bad quality material? I don't sell rubbish my feedbacks 100% and why would you diss your own store and the quality of merchandise you sell ha!
Possibly say one would assume as every child is different size, weight etc.. That the buyer would have an idea of how there child sits within that brands sizing and you do apologise as its new you couldn't offer a personal opinion. If you ignore then I find from experience and Iv got years worth it's a red rag to a bull😞 do you offer returns?

19lottie82 Wed 17-Aug-16 10:02:55

It's always a good idea to include measurements with any items of clothing that you sell.

If reply, that you haven't encountered any sizing problems before with this brand, however, if she wants to return it (at her cost), then you will be happy to refund.

99% chance you won't hear from her again

MeridianB Wed 17-Aug-16 10:08:46

Thanks for the advice - and for calming me down. I think people on ebay are sometimes so weird!

I like the idea of offering a refund at her expense - I know you don't have to pay postage if buyer has changed mind - she can hardly claim it was misrepresented. I will also block her as a future buyer.

Would you leave any feedback for her at all?

Pandamanda3 Wed 17-Aug-16 11:07:53

Erm Id wait for her to leave feedback as sometimes I find with customers like this they are reminded about it if you leave feedback especially if you offer a return and hear no more from her as post said above. Plus although you cant leave negative for her you can word it in a way to get your point across. But your not tempting her if you don't do it first. She may say nothing or leave an ok comment so Id see. If she leaves negative always look into it to see if you can have it removed as it could be defamation and thus a case for removal. On her message to you which header did she choose? Just ask seller a general question or was it something else usually this gives you a pretty good idea. Also go to her feedback left for others see if she's a persistent complainer😉 whilst I'm on does anybody know if I can advertise my shop on here? Don't want to say name incase I get in trouble but just wondered? Any ideas would be gratefully recieved x

MeridianB Wed 17-Aug-16 11:27:32

If she leaves neg or neutral feedback I am going to challenge it for sure.

Yes Panda, you're right about waiting for her.

She sent the question under general 'Ask a question about this item'.

Not sure about your shop question. I am sure MNHQ will confirm though.

Pandamanda3 Wed 17-Aug-16 12:53:43

I don't blame you for challenging this one if needs be!
To be honest I have a mix of lovely genuine customers who are a real pleasure to deal with but then find some awful ones. Some of the messages are so inappropriate too I mean although on ebay I try to explain to people 'stop, think would you really get away with comments like that if you messages say M&S or another store similar? No they wouldn't so just because it's ebay does not mean to say its a free for all, I think people forget themselves.
What ever happened to speak as You'de expect to be spoken too 😒 I don't know!
Listen to me having a good old rant lol!

So see how you go, do come back on with an update Id be interested to see what happens and if I can be of any help 'probably won't be but hey you never know! Problem shared is s problem halved😉

MeridianB Tue 23-Aug-16 13:36:07

19lottie, you were right. Not a peep from her. Not even acknowledging my message. No feedback (yet) either.

nennyrainbow Tue 30-Aug-16 13:40:06

How small is 'ridiculously small'? Were you selling other clothes ( used or new) in the same size? Was there any significant difference?
I agree her comment sounds snarky and could have been phrased more diplomatically, but I also sympathise with the buyer because I've previously bought clothing on eBay where the size label didn't remotely match the age 5 top that would fit a toddler. It made me wonder if the person had got it cheap in the first place because the label was wrong.
As a seller, if there was any possibility of the label being wrong, eg if the size was out by 2 years or more, I would offer a refund including the postage costs both ways and put it down to an expensive mistake.

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