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Buying from eBay

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Youranus Tue 16-Aug-16 08:18:47

Can I bid for an item on EBay even though I have no funds in my PayPal account? I've been a member for over 10 years, but my PayPal account is unfortunately not linked to my bank account. I sell twice a year and use the funds I've made to make purchases. Haven't sold anything recently though and would love to bid on an item that ends on Friday. Can I enter a bid and pay with my debit card should I become the winning bidder? Thanks in advance.

monal Tue 16-Aug-16 08:21:07

Yes! This is the only way I have ever bought anything on eBay.

FeelingSmurfy Tue 16-Aug-16 08:25:37

Yes you can pay with a credit or debit card smile

CointreauVersial Tue 16-Aug-16 08:28:23

Yes, I buy stuff for work all the time, and we don't even have a Paypal account. Just pay by credit card.

Youranus Tue 16-Aug-16 09:31:28

Thanks everyone. Wasn't sure if my previous paypal purchases would affect my ability to use a debit card.

AppleJac Tue 16-Aug-16 09:35:24

You can pay by card but i dont think your protected by the buyer refund guarantee thing if you dont use your paypal account. Im not 100% on this though

MadeForThis Tue 16-Aug-16 09:44:34

If you link your debit card to your PayPal account they will debit any money automatically from your card. You pay on the card but get all the protection from PayPal.

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