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E Cheques and paypal.

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munz Mon 29-Jan-07 21:54:29

how do they work exactly? basiclaly i've sold something ahem which I think a person is wanting ratehr sharpish, (has set up a diff ebay a/c etc for this btw) has emailed me to ask how long it will take to get to him. etc i've said friday as you've paid by e cheque, (also i'm not 100% on sending said item so need to double check with DH who's not here right now)

anyhow I feel quite mean now about making him wait - it would appear he's done an echeque by mistake - i've tried to see if I can decline it so he can pay via a credit card but I cna't see the option.

the thing is literally 99p (well 76 to me after fees etc) so should I just send it anyhow and hope he doens't cancel from his end or wait. I feel dead mean as it's only 99p fgs. but on paypal it says to wait till you have the funds. what do u recon. I think he's ahem wanting to impress

Roskvawantingsomesunshine Tue 30-Jan-07 09:59:35

I would wait until the funds have cleared before sending the item. If the buyer sent an e-cheque, you have no obligation to accept it if it was not a method of payment that you specified in your auction. So your doing him a favour by accepting a form of payment that you would not normally take.

giraffeski Tue 30-Jan-07 10:04:13

Message withdrawn

munz Tue 30-Jan-07 12:01:16

ahem the karma sutra ahem. lol.

chappy hasn't emailed since so assume all's ok with him! lol.

giraffeski Wed 31-Jan-07 09:29:30

Message withdrawn

Laura032004 Fri 02-Feb-07 07:15:04

It can take weeks for e-cheques to go through. You will get an email from Paypal when it has cleared.

JustUsTwo Fri 02-Feb-07 07:29:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

munz Fri 02-Feb-07 08:22:50

oh no I told him it should be cleared by today as that's what paypal told me will have to wait and see when I get home as I don't have the details on this computer anyways, he did think it was instant, and for the sake of 99p n(well 76 to me) i'm tempted just to send it over anyhow to him. althou he's not asked since, I think if it was for a lot more I owuldn't but as it's such a small amount??

Roskvawantingsomesunshine Fri 02-Feb-07 08:56:43

Depends on how generous you're feeling

ItsMeMellowma Fri 02-Feb-07 09:01:35

Just send it....he probably wants a hot-weekend with his dw

Kelly1978 Fri 02-Feb-07 09:20:40

I think with an echeque, he has to validate that he wants to send it again before it clears. So it is fairly easy for him not to pay. But for the sake of 99p, it's not a huge risk.

MrsMuddle Fri 02-Feb-07 09:54:23

Pay it forward - just send it to him! He's probably 15, his parents are going out at the weekend, and needs a book to know what to do.

munz Fri 02-Feb-07 10:49:27

thank girls wil do when I get home tonight - deffo think his partner/wife/GF/boyfriend (open mind and all) is in for a good w/e lol.

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