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Slight prob with my auction!

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munz Mon 29-Jan-07 08:22:21

listed loads, had an offer of £6.00 on a kangol jacket of DH's anyhow I declined and reduced it to £8.00 (was BIN £10) bloke brought it BUT, he's in the USA, in my listing it has said I will only ship to the UK, i've only quoted for UK postage £5 as it's quite heavy and would actually prob cost more that that to send. - or at least £4.95. So, I was going to weigh the item out today at the PO - normally I don't like to over charge on postage but should I a little? also as i've stated UK only how will that work with my paypal fees etc as I assume he's going to pay in $?

can I refuse to sell him the item? althou i've had no other intrest.

tissy Mon 29-Jan-07 08:27:37

Well he should agree to pay the extra postage before you send it, as you did state that you post to UK only. Paypal will charge a fee for changing the money (as a bank would) and he should agree to that as well.

FWIW, all methods of sending money abroad cost roughly the same amount- last summer I ended up paying for a holiday house with Paypal, as sending a bankers draft or "wiring" the money across would have cost the same (approx) and taken longer.

You can refuse to sell him the item, but you would then have to relist (unless you have other bidders who may still be interested).I wouldn't overcharge on postage, but I know lots of others would.

Bananaknickers Mon 29-Jan-07 08:30:29

I have refused to sell. I said in my listing that it was uk only. When I do post worldwide I ask them to e mail me first and they need to pay by pay pal. E mail him and tell him the true postage and tell him he needs to pay by paypal and see what he says

munz Mon 29-Jan-07 08:44:49

bananayes that's normally what I put - but tbh it's mainly heavy items at the minute so it's easier for me to courrier. so that's why i've not done WW postage still he's waited for an accurate postal figure.

do you think I should charge him the postage + envelope (69p) and paypal fees all as P&P? he's obv liable for duties etc in the USA.

i'd ratehr do an envelope than wrap it as then it's pretty safe/secure.

mygirllolipop Mon 29-Jan-07 19:02:56

Message withdrawn

Kelly1978 Mon 29-Jan-07 19:06:42

I don't really see what all the fuss is about tbh. Weigh it on your kitchen scales, go to royal mails website to calculate the cost then add a bit on for packagng and handling. It will make no difference to your paypal payment, it will still go into your account in £s. You cannnot charge for paypal fees.

Kelly1978 Mon 29-Jan-07 19:07:43

sorry, meant to add, if you accpeted paypal a a method of payment then you accept the cost of it, after all it is more convienient for you as a seller.

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