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Problems with paypal

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brightwell Sun 28-Jan-07 11:14:49

I'm trying to pay for an item and my paypal account tells me to add my credit card details and then says "this card is already registered to your account", well yes it should be it's my card! But it won't let me continue & pay. Any ideas?

utterlyconfused Sun 28-Jan-07 17:08:59

i think this is pretty common with PP. I certainly had exactly the same thing. So I just gave up and paid some other way because I couldn't get anywhere.

Then a couple of months later I just tried paying via PP and it worked. Bizarre. If you can, I would give up and try again another day.

helenhismadwife Sun 28-Jan-07 18:27:33

you could try ringing paypal they are actually quite helpful on the phone 08707 307 191

hope you get it sorted

southeastastra Sun 28-Jan-07 18:28:13

are you sure you don't need to become 'verified'

brightwell Sun 28-Jan-07 22:04:37

Thanks everyone for your help, I've sent a cheque. But I will try phoning them and getting it sorted.

minko Tue 30-Jan-07 20:53:45

I also had an ongoing debacle with Paypal, I made numerous phone calls to them about the problem and they sent me all sorts of instructions about what to do, then one day it was all suddenly fine. It's bizarre but like utterly said maybe try again another day!

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