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How to proceed? Seller cancelling multiple auctions

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mmmuffins Wed 27-Jul-16 22:13:23

A seller had several childrens' dresses listed as individual auctions, 99p each. Shipping for each was rather high, so I messaged to ask if shipping could be combined. Seller was slow to reply but said yes. I went on to win 6 dresses. 5 sold for 99p, one had more interest and sold for more.

The seller messaged me a day later to say "Sorry, all the dresses you won got re listed in the bulk listings and have already been sold" and has gone on to cancel my items...all except the dress that went for more money hmm

How do I proceed? I don't really want the last dress anymore, because of the high shipping and because, well, I'm annoyed! I also want to leave negative feedback, but not sure how. I haven't messaged the seller yet (she did say ALL the dresses had been re-sold), nor paid, nor confirmed cancelling the items.

madwomanacrosstheroad Wed 27-Jul-16 22:17:17

Contact ebay and ask for advice - at least the seller may not be able to sell them again.

19lottie82 Wed 27-Jul-16 23:14:44

A hint...... If you leave negative feedback for each item, leave at least a week between each one, otherwise eBay can remove them.

That's all you can really do..... You can report her to eBay, but they won't do much tbh.

mmmuffins Fri 29-Jul-16 18:08:28

Just to share what I learned, in case anyone else is in the same situation: The seller cancelled the last dress, so I didn't need to worry about that. I then confirmed the cancellations but after there was no option to leave feedback! After some digging I found out the option to leave feedback for a cancelled item is only available on a mobile device, so I got out my tablet and left negative feedback.

This has put me off eBay a bit. It takes the shine off bidding when you know the seller can just cancel at the end, and that others who have had the same experience might not have figured out how to leave feedback to warn others.

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