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seller fees, any one else having PayPal trouble?

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Daffodil90 Sun 17-Jul-16 21:44:13

Evening ladies,
My seller fees were declined today because PayPal said my auto options were no longer valid.
I paid it, obviously, through echeque (bank through paypal) but It was reversed by PayPal a couple hours later giving the same reasons.
So I paid again (by which point id been paid for some auctions) using my PayPal balance.
In the activity log it's showing that one payment has completed (I'm assuming the later one as it used PayPal balance) and another is still pending leaving me to think I'll end up paying twice when the echeque clears.
Never had any problems before, anyone come across this? Who am I best to call, PayPal or EBay? Will they refund or just put it on my ebay account as balance for future seller fees. So bloody confused by it and no idea why it happened in the first place! They've always been take automatically with no drama.
Annoyed cos I need the cash!
Thanks wise eBayers smile

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