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Parcel missing in transit to France

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LondonNightOwl Tue 12-Jul-16 04:40:29

How do I go about claiming compensation from Royal Mail with regards to a package sent from the UK to France ? Posted over 3 weeks ago and still hasn't arrived with the buyer.. Just about given up all hope for it now sad it had senders details on the packaging so would it come back to me if there was an issue with it in France?

Gutted because I've sold the specialist booklets that the package contained for nearly three years (all over Europe and to America) and never had one go missing before. TIA

19lottie82 Tue 12-Jul-16 11:29:04

Have you checked the delivery address with the buyer and cross referenced it online? If yes......

Have you asked buyer to open an item not received case?

You can file a claim online here...

HOWEVER, do you have proof of what you paid for the item, because this is what you will get back, NOT what it sold for on eBay. If you DON'T have proof, you will only receive your postage cost back.

LondonNightOwl Fri 02-Sep-16 01:01:49

Just to update - package eventually turned up in France (not quite at its destination) 6 weeks after being posted. Apparently damaged by Royal Mail and repackaged before eventually being sent on. Lesson learnt about posting overseas without tracking/signatures !

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