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Less Than Perfect Items

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venys Thu 07-Jul-16 13:01:46

I have had to sell a flats worth of very good furniture and appliances recently due to a house sale. I have had no ends of problems and cost associated with it. I can't even give a less than perfect item away to charity. I sometimes buy brand new with the hopes to sell on when I am done with it. But I am wondering if the item is less.than perfect I should bother. For example O want to sell a 4 month old Snuzpod soon but my darling 3yo sat on the side and the zip has a few stripped teeth meaning the zip doesn't work as well. Sick of wasting my time on stuff that won't budge. Thoughts from experienced sellers appreciated.

19lottie82 Thu 07-Jul-16 15:36:05

If it "won't budge" then you're obviously asking too much for it.

List items making sure that all faults are clearly described and photographed. If you want to get rid of them, list them as a low starting price auction.

venys Thu 07-Jul-16 16:13:21

The troubles I have had were less to do with price but more to do with attributes of the product - eg I put wrong model of a cot that didn't have all screws (way we got the cot) and new owner couldn't put it together - wanted refund despite OH saying he would help them put it together, or struggling for the extended warranty to change over name to new owner of dishwasher, or no one taking couch, not even charity as there were some water marks on it. I am really up against it time wise at the moment so don't have time to try and remove the stain - which I think is possible. I really don't want to continue wasting my time trying to sell something if the after sales is going to be a pain. Do people expect perfection at a bargain price? I notice brand new items on local Facebook pages going for less than half their sale price.

VulcanWoman Thu 07-Jul-16 16:38:32

If I have an 'as new' item, I put it up for half the retail price, if there's a less than 'as new' item but usable I'd say you're looking at a third or even a quarter of the retail price. I agree with lottie you have to give detailed description/photos of any faults, else it'll come back and bite you.

VulcanWoman Thu 07-Jul-16 16:41:11

Ps, I can imagine parents to be being very particular about safety with a cot, wanting the correct parts and all.

lljkk Thu 07-Jul-16 17:02:38

If the fault is simple then you might be okay to sell. Or sell it saying "for spares" in giant glowing flashing colourful letters. Add that you can still use it yourself fine, but maybe not good enough for others.

For complicated problem items, may have to forget it. Ebay buyers don't read the listing properly & do expect perfect for bargain price.

Try freecycle for stuff you hate sending to landfill.

venys Fri 08-Jul-16 06:08:50

Cheers thanks for the advice. I have realised that I can't rely on selling things on even though some items retain their value well. Mainly because the people around me are hopeless at looking after things. They are not the ones buying and selling. I know I have a few items that are easy fixes but I simply don't even have 5 minutes to fix them with my lot. I am a hippy but buy good quality items so hate seeing things going to landfill. Not to mention the cost.

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