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EXCELLENT CONDITION!!! used handful of times- is it just me that gets ripped off constantly?????????

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peedoffebayer Tue 23-Jan-07 14:13:52

excellent condition used handful of times
obviously means -
- seat ripped in 3 places
- apron elastic ripped
- tyres warped- veers and bounces around!
- brake not working

she refuses refund saying i must have broken it myself! called me a few names too!
the transaction was out of ebay as she ended listing early as i offered a price before the end of auction.
so would you-
(a)go round her house and demand money back?
(b)make her accept the return by posting it through her window? not getting any money back but satisfactory non the less.
(c)slash tyres on her car?
(d)buy everything she sells on ebay and leave feedback accordingly!

LIZS Tue 23-Jan-07 14:15:40

caveat emptor

BURNINGTHECANDLE Tue 23-Jan-07 14:21:29

Can you not try reporting it to ebay HQ and see what they say obviously you will have to leave negative warn others, this happened to me once and it does leave a sour taste that someone is so thoughtless and selfish that they will rip you off like this, so you have my sympathy. Unfortuantly if she won't refund you and is obstinant about it you will just have to put it down to experience

itsmeNDP Tue 23-Jan-07 14:23:27

The sale was completed outside of ebay so they have no responsibility to you and equally you have no comeback. Sorry

Iklboo Tue 23-Jan-07 14:23:47

Trouble is you dealt OUT of ebay, so you won't be covered by any of their insurances & help etc.
What was it you bought? Could you get repairs done and send her the bill?

BURNINGTHECANDLE Tue 23-Jan-07 14:30:52

It does sound like you have very little comback. I know your cross but can you not try to reason with the woman and come to some amicable understanding with her?

peedoffebayer Tue 23-Jan-07 14:39:48

well when i first told her the probs with the pushchair and that i wanted to return it. she refused straight away accusing me of breaking it and got straight into the abuse- i figured if she was inocent she would have just accepted the return.

LITTLELOLLI Tue 23-Jan-07 14:42:50

if you paid by paypal, you can open a dispute, open it now! before she empties her account

BURNINGTHECANDLE Tue 23-Jan-07 14:45:29

Good point it takes 7 days to transfer funds so you might be in with a chance

peedoffebayer Tue 23-Jan-07 15:16:12

paid cash- i think I've lost the money. I can sell the pushchair but will list it honestly so will get less than half the price i paid i imagine. still i may choose option (d) as i don't think people should get away with this- even though my own fault for not going through ebay!

LIZS Tue 23-Jan-07 15:18:22

if you paid cash did you not inspect beforehadn ?

Fireflyfairy2 Tue 23-Jan-07 15:19:19

Does she live near you then if you paid cash? How did you not see the damage done to the item if you picked it up from her?

sleepycat Tue 23-Jan-07 15:32:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

peedoffebayer Tue 23-Jan-07 18:58:25

No i didn't see the seat rip and the apron rip was disguised really well - only noticeable when i used it. The wheels weren't noticeable until i pumped them up as they were really flat when i got it. The brake i suppose i should have tested properly but didn't.
i just assumed the wheels were ok since it was described as only used few times- didn't think to pump them up in front of her and test it properly.

LITTLELOLLI Wed 24-Jan-07 10:48:58

I'd be going round her house if I was you!

roneypony Mon 29-Jan-07 19:42:20

If you bought it based on this description then you can claim your money back via the small claims court since private transactions where the condition is not as described are covered by the Sale of Goods Act

It's pretty easy to do as well.

munz Mon 29-Jan-07 21:50:58

name and shame I say

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