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item not received

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slinx Sun 21-Jan-07 17:22:06

I bought an item on Jan 2nd which has to come from Florida.

According, to his estimates on postage times the item should have been here at the latest last Thursday.

I have emailed 3 times and had no response. The seller has around 1600 feedbacks of which anly 9 or 10 are negative but they do say the seller fails to respond to emails.

I paid through paypal, £45. Should I raise a dispute through paypal now or wait a bit longer?

happybiggirl Sun 21-Jan-07 17:28:48

Message withdrawn

VioletBaudelaire Sun 21-Jan-07 17:29:35

Yep, raise a dispute.
You can always cancel it, and it is likely to jog the seller into action.

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