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Would you buy something for £200 from a new seller

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minko Sun 21-Jan-07 12:10:06

who only takes cheques? What do you do if your goods don't arrive? The seller is in Brighton. I'm a bit new to Ebay y'see... thanks for any advice.

munz Sun 21-Jan-07 12:12:02

depends on what the item is, but I prob wouldn't no. can you collect?

McDreamy Sun 21-Jan-07 12:12:51

No I wouldn't which is probably unfair on the seller but it is a lot of money

southeastastra Sun 21-Jan-07 12:15:21

can you post the item no here and we can check it out a bit?

Fillyjonk Sun 21-Jan-07 12:17:44


I might if it was paypal as paypal will refund.

Its a problem though cos I think its quite common for new sellers to only take cheques...

I do find it odd. Why are they starting out with such a high value thing? When I started selling I already had a lot of positive feedback from buying BUT then sold lots low value items to build this up further.

I'll tell you what would concern me...they are selling a high value item so might have changed their name, having recieved poor feedback...

VioletBaudelaire Sun 21-Jan-07 12:18:12

No I wouldn't. I always pay via Paypal for eBay, so I have some recourse for a refund if things don't work out.

noddyholder Sun 21-Jan-07 12:21:59

what is the item?

Flamesparrow Sun 21-Jan-07 12:22:26


munz Sun 21-Jan-07 12:26:28

VB - yes i'm the same either paypal or cash on pick up. and I don't normally buy from those who have a FB lower than 99% - will wisk a 98% but don't normally go any lower.

TenaLady Sun 21-Jan-07 12:30:18

Hmm, not sure I would unless it was a company rather than an individual.

Fillyjonk Sun 21-Jan-07 12:31:33

would actually be more worried if it were a company, tena, I think!

dunno why though

had very unpleasant experience with MrCraftyUK (I think...something like that)...sold duff wool...

goblinqueen Sun 21-Jan-07 12:43:32

No I wouldn't. I only buy from sellers using Paypal, for protection... and who can be bothered waiting till a cheque clears!

mummylin2495 Sun 21-Jan-07 12:56:45


Flower3554 Sun 21-Jan-07 13:08:59

The only bad experiences as a buyer I've had has been paying by cheque. I will not now bid on anything where they request payment by cheque/postal order. I think Paypal at least offers you some protection against fraudulent sellers.

jabberwocky Sun 21-Jan-07 13:20:52


LIZS Sun 21-Jan-07 13:28:05

So would that mean I'm unlikely to get any buyers if I don't use paypal, or would people still send cheques for lower priced goods ?

southeastastra Sun 21-Jan-07 14:00:42

no people will send cheques for lower priced things, don't worry!

Fillyjonk Sun 21-Jan-07 14:06:44

i'll pay by cheque for something, quite happily.

I just wouldn't do it for a high priced good.

I can def see point in going the cheque route for £200 cos the paypal fees on that would be massive.

and I have a dp who absolutely refuses to let me do bank transfers.

hmm. dunno what I'd do there really...

minko Sun 21-Jan-07 16:03:03

This is the link:

It's a handbag as you can see. No one is touching it...

Fillyjonk Sun 21-Jan-07 16:06:14


I know NOTHING about handbags but

how do you know thats not a fake?

kittypants Sun 21-Jan-07 16:06:15

could you send seller a question asking why no paypal and say more people might be interested if she used paypal?
i wouldnt buy by the way!

Fillyjonk Sun 21-Jan-07 16:07:24

ah c'mon as well, the other items

men's jeans in different sizes

SnafuOutOfHiding Sun 21-Jan-07 16:07:26

Wouldn't touch it.

southeastastra Sun 21-Jan-07 16:09:05

seems pretty authentic but i wonder why the bidders id are kept private

hunkermunker Sun 21-Jan-07 16:09:10

There's a bid on it, isn't there?

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