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Item hasn't turned up yet

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TribbleTrouble Wed 22-Jun-16 20:36:43

So it's been a good two weeks and an item I've bought hasn't turned up yet. I've asked the seller for the tracking number, and she hasn't responded to my emails. She did however on the first message (after about a week) tell me that she'd been to the post office and it's nowhere to be seen, and she offered me a refund. I said to wait a bit, and see if it did turn up, but it hasn't and she's not responded to my messages about tracking (I wanted to see if it was at my local sorting office).

So anyway, what do I do? How long do I wait until I assume it's actually lost.

lljkk Wed 22-Jun-16 20:41:45

Tell her you'd like a refund & say you will open a not-received case in 3 days time to get your refund unless she responds with refund by then (set a reminder on your phone for Sunday 9am). You've waited long enough.

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