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Item not received and cant find the "get ebay involved" option thing thats supposed to be there

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Beeswax2017 Mon 13-Jun-16 12:04:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EveryoneElsie Mon 13-Jun-16 12:28:23

Can you post a print screen shot of the page you are looking at? On a PC you can sue the Snipping tool or print screen shot, then edit it in Paint to crop it and blur out personal details.

EveryoneElsie Mon 13-Jun-16 12:28:39

^^Use not sue!

KatieKateKat Mon 13-Jun-16 12:30:30

Are you using an app or desktop site?

19lottie82 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:31:35

No, you can't do anything at this point.

Just wait until the 8 days are up then ask eBay to "step in and help".

robin64 Tue 14-Jun-16 23:48:16

Check sorting office - sometimes the cards are not put through door or go astray. Your parcel might be there. Happened once to me.

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