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i want to sell my tots bots rainbow nappies but....

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AnAngelWithin Fri 19-Jan-07 09:38:33

they are in really great condition apart from the fact that there is a stain on a couple of the inbuilt fleece liners on them. Nothing really bad, I mean I would be happy to use them. Anyway, what should I do? Advertise them as marked or just cut off the fleece liner and sell them stating that I have done so? Apart from that they are great.

mygirllolipop Fri 19-Jan-07 11:02:04

Message withdrawn

AnAngelWithin Fri 19-Jan-07 15:05:58

just i thought it wouldnt sound very nice if i said that there was slight poo staining!!

helenhismadwife Sat 20-Jan-07 15:25:55

ummm I dont know much about these but it would possibly put people off to be honest, does it affect the effectiveness if you cut the liners out?

have you looked at other listings for simjilar items and see what they say

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