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Paypal dispute for non-receipt, just arrive but I refused delivery, will paypal now side with seller?

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FamiliarSting Mon 06-Jun-16 14:37:44

A Paypal issue rather than Ebay but thought this the best category.

I placed an order for a plant (present for my mum) on Wednesday 18th may from an online shop (not Ebay but paid with Paypal). Description said it’ll arrive 1-2 days after purchase, I needed it for 25th.
It hadn’t arrived by the Friday so I emailed to ask if it’d be here by the 25th, if not I needed to cancel my order.

No reply to my email but I got a despatch email on the Monday, two days before the 25th.

It did not arrive so I opened a Paypal case the Wednesday after which was two weeks after I placed the order.
They did not reply to the Paypal case so I escalated it to a dispute the following day (was getting pissed off and impatient so thought a day was enough to get them to reply to my emails)

The plant has just arrived but I have refused delivery. I am sick of this company and I want a refund. I bought a plant for my mum from elsewhere. If the plant really was posted two weeks ago then it’s likely dead, if not then they posted after I opened the dispute so surely should have checked if I wanted the plant or a refund? I said in my first email that I wanted to cancel the order if it wouldn’t arrive for the 25th. The box was also squashed at one of the corners but the delivery man recorded ‘late delivery’ as reason for refusal.

Now I’m concerned that Paypal might side with the seller as I refused delivery. But it arrived 5 days after I opened the case for none receipt and they have not communicated with me at all other than the despatch email two weeks ago.

Is it likely paypal will still refund me or side with the seller?

smilingeyes11 Mon 06-Jun-16 15:57:24

no they won't side with the seller - they need proof of delivery to win a dispute

19lottie82 Mon 06-Jun-16 16:28:56

I am a seller and I had a buyer refuse delivery of an item. They then opened a not recieved case with eBay, which they lost, as there was a record that they had refused the delivery and no evidence that it had been returned to me (which it wasn't).

However if the seller doesn't respond to the PayPal case, the OP will be refunded automatically.

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