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misdee Wed 17-Jan-07 16:23:49

so what do i do? purchase a £5.99 service from ebay, and then what happens? do they send me a booking form or something? need to send something and its bigger than parcel2go dimensions, but is within the limits for payperdrop.

Soapbox Wed 17-Jan-07 16:25:28

You buy it on ebay and then with your confirmation of purchase comes a link to the booking form on their website. You fill it in and send it back and the following day someone comes and picks it up for you.

misdee Wed 17-Jan-07 16:26:12

right ok. i wasnt sure if i had to fill it in on ebay. thats good. can i book it tonight for friday?

WelshBoris Wed 17-Jan-07 16:26:50

They're great misdee really cheap, for my order they used DHL

Soapbox Wed 17-Jan-07 16:27:39

Yes, I think so.

I've only ever done next day pick ups though. If you book after midnight it would be picked up on Friday anyway

nappyaddict Wed 17-Jan-07 16:35:53

my friend had a problem with payper drop when they damaged a baby bath and didnt compensate.

now shes uses selective international they charge £5.25

nappyaddict Wed 17-Jan-07 16:41:41

meant to add i normally use these

a lot of people on the soapys xmas thing used a £3.99 one off ebay but i don't know what it is called.

Munz Wed 17-Jan-07 16:42:20

they're fab and selective international - i've had 3 parcels with them, one was OK one was v good and the third wasn't even worth it, so much hassel was really really annoyed.

Munz Wed 17-Jan-07 16:42:45

selective 2007 are the 3.99 guys

charliecat Wed 17-Jan-07 16:43:15

I use selective as put the service you want in your basket, pay for it then have to copy and paste your paypal transaction muber to book it...just telling you this in advance so you do it at the time!!!

charliecat Wed 17-Jan-07 16:45:05

yep heres there feedback on ebay but last time i checked he didnt have any 3.99 auctions, directed me to his 5.25 website which is STILL cheaper than anywhere else

nappyaddict Wed 17-Jan-07 16:45:50

oh ... it says £5.25 on the website ?

so which are you saying are fab munz - selective or payperdrop?

what do you mean it wasn't worth it?

nappyaddict Wed 17-Jan-07 16:46:35

the ones i use are £4.95 - i know not much but that's a whole 30p cheaper

Hulababy Wed 17-Jan-07 16:49:39

No £3.99 on ebay at moment; I looked Monday. I used the £5.99 service for the Christmas parcel thing. Going to use the £5.99 service for the Happy Land parcels. You can pay now and book for whatever day you like.

Munz Wed 17-Jan-07 16:50:12

payperdrop are excleent I had no problems with them at all.

selective 2007 however, I had a slight prob the first time 3 parcels one turned up a week late, one next day one 3 days later (all to differnt people) but overal he seemed nice etc.

third time used to collect from ipod on here and it was a total cock up form start to finish I ordered on the sunday night for collection on thetuesday am and it was FINALLY collected the following friday after much emails to/from him and a histpry of how he only makes 20p per item and he has no profits so wasn't going to chase my parcels (even thou it hadn't been collected and i'd recieved an email from parcel force 4 days on the trott to tell me it was being collected)parcel was finally picked up at 6pm on the friday night after i'd rang parcel force and sorted it out myself.

they do seem to be much better if you buy on a monday for a collection on a tuesday - I used them again after the ipod time and they were v good that time. (I didn't leave any feedback as he seems to do a retaliating neg)

Munz Wed 17-Jan-07 16:50:47

tbh for the extra £2.00 i'd use the payperdrop

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