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Need a quick answer regarding safety of bank transfers

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LovePGtipsMonkey Fri 03-Jun-16 00:20:51

I'm an experienced ebayer, but this has thrown me. I've never been offered direct bank transfers to send payment to me, well only a few years ago by dodgy sounding new users with hardly any feedback.
This is buyer from Germany who has over 200 positive feedback, and says paypal doesn't work for GB in her case - I can see she mainly bys in Germany. I can't understand why wouldn't it work - could she have restrictions for foreign transfers? I really want to sell this iten as I need the money for something and it's a few hundred. I've opened an unpaid item case, and now there's 2 days left on it. She was silent for a bit but now I got the message that she can't work the systen and asks for bank iban etc and has provided her own bank details (what for - just to show she's genuine?) she always signs with her full name.
Just tell me please what's the worst that can happen if I do this? Can I provide details and then warn my bank to keep an eye - and could the payment be reversed? if I send and she claims I haen't, can I show these messages and hte transfer to ebay to prove I preferred paypal - I will obv post by tracked.

Smurfing Fri 03-Jun-16 00:25:21

I didn't think iban payments could be reversed but I could be wrong. I do know that when I've bought from German sellers on eBay they do have an alternative non-payment method on their listings sometimes (sorry I've forgotten the name of it) and the sellers prefe to use that payment option instead of PayPal - perhaps it's cheaper for them? So she might not be totally dodgy but I suppose the worry is what she might also do with your bank info. Is it an expensive item?

LovePGtipsMonkey Fri 03-Jun-16 00:34:28

thank you! it's a few hundred pounds.

LovePGtipsMonkey Fri 03-Jun-16 00:35:01

I'm just thinking she does have a good feedback (in German mainly)

smilingeyes11 Fri 03-Jun-16 21:05:17

yes it is certainly safe and free too - you should be biting off your buyer's hand. You are only giving out your details which would be found on a cheque anyway.

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