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Ebay novice

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LIZS Wed 17-Jan-07 13:53:37

Probably a stupid question. If I am interested in a "Buy it Now" product do I still have to register on ebay or can I deal direct with the seller ?

Roskvawantingsomesunshine Wed 17-Jan-07 13:59:02

If you deal directly with the seller outside of ebay, then you won't have any of the comeback that you get from using ebay if the deal doesn't work. Having said that, I do deal off ebay with a seller who has an ebay shop that I have bought things from a number of times - that way she saves fees, and she gives me a discount. Ultimately it is a question of trust - it's up to you whether you are willing to risk your money with that seller, because you have to pay before you receive the goods.

LIZS Wed 17-Jan-07 16:58:19

I'm happy to transact via ebay but as this is probably a one off do I need to register as a buyer ?

crumbs Wed 17-Jan-07 18:03:06

don't think you can buy without being registered, sorry.

LIZS Wed 17-Jan-07 18:27:32

no that's fine , just wondered . How complicated is it ? Can you buy straight away ?

tamum Wed 17-Jan-07 18:32:39

You can register and then buy straight away I think, though you might need to register with Paypal to actually pay, depending on the seller's terms. It's not hard but they've changed it since I first registered.

LIZS Sat 20-Jan-07 15:33:39

ok have registered and done Buy it Now but want to send cheque and have had to email for address. Does she get my full registered details via that email ? How long do I have to send it ?

WriggleJiggle Sat 20-Jan-07 15:38:16

The seller will email back an address to send your cheque. They will probably ask you to confirm addresses you want it posting to. You have 7 days (usually) to pay.

WriggleJiggle Sat 20-Jan-07 15:40:33

Forgot to say - remember when you send your cheque to say which item it is for - just print off the ebay page, and confirm your address at the same time. Items will be sent as soon as the cheque is cleared.

LIZS Sun 21-Jan-07 12:00:03

ok got her details , cheque ready to post and have emailled to say it will posted by tomorrow - is that all I need do ?

WriggleJiggle Sun 21-Jan-07 21:45:20

Yes, simple as that. Now just wait for the item to arrive, then leave feedback

LIZS Mon 22-Jan-07 17:48:08

Thanks, had a reply seems all is well

LIZS Fri 09-Feb-07 10:13:54

ok, parcel arrived yesterday , left feedback is that it ?

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