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Not totally familiar with eBay ...

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2sugarsandadog Thu 26-May-16 19:55:50

..... In that I sold a couple of items about three years ago and bought some dress material at about the same time, but still wondered what you thought of this all the same.
Went to the site the day before yesterday via a link and idleness and was tempted by a White Stuff dress. £5.50 won me the auction (so not a great deal of money to get in a lather about) and paid that afternoon.
Today I got an email saying it had been sent but that the sender couldn't find the accompanying (self-coloured) belt which it was photographed with. Nonetheless, she had sent the dress since 'it must be here somewhere since I only photographed it last week' and that she'd 'send it on as soon as possible'.

Am I being a bit up my own backside to think that she might've asked me first if I still wanted it without? I do realise she said she'd send it as soon as it's found but if you can't find it to complete an order it just doesn't sound very likely to me.

nauticant Thu 26-May-16 20:59:49

No, you're being reasonable to be narked. You have grounds to open and win a not as described case. What you might want to do is when you receive the dress and see that it doesn't have the belt, contact the seller and tell them the belt is missing, you didn't agree to buy the dress without the belt, and if they don't get it to you in a week you'll, regretfully, open a not as described case. You've got a month from shortly after the transaction date to open your case (you'll need to check to find out the exact relevant date by which you must have opened a case).

2sugarsandadog Thu 26-May-16 21:15:34

Thanks so much. She did email me to say she wasn't including the belt, but in the same sentence said she'd sent it anyway, so should I do what you suggest now or wait till it arrives?

robin64 Thu 26-May-16 21:35:36

"Thanks for posting the dress so quickly, I would really like the belt that goes with the dress so hopefully you can send that soon. I'll wait to leave feedback until it arrives. All the best...."

give her a few days (up to a week is more than fair) and if no belt turns up open a snad case and return for a refund - bit daft of her to send without but she might have got herself in a fluster about it so give her a chance to sort it out.

2sugarsandadog Thu 26-May-16 22:41:49

Thanks so much robin!

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