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Selling Car on ebay - complete newbie with a question?

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Fontella Mon 23-May-16 17:41:18

I buy a fair bit on Ebay but have never sold anything. Always planned to - small things, shoes, kitchenalia etc. but never actually got around to it. However, due to unexpected circumstances I have something very big to sell. A car. And looking around the internet, surprisingly Ebay is probably one of the best places for this particular vehicle.

It's an old, customised Jeep stype vehicle that appeals to a certain type of buyer. Has lots of 'features' – big wide alloy wheels, fat tyres, bull bar, running boards, soft top etc. and is used by off roaders.

Unfortunately I've been told today that the head gasket has gone, which involves a big outlay in terms of repair, and may even involve a replacement engine as its only when it's all stripped back the full extent of the damage/cost becomes apparent. Given its age (19 years) and other factors regarding its practicality in terms of what I need/use a car for nowadays, after talking things over with my mechanic I've decided to sell it.

It's the sort of vehicle that a specialist might want to make roadworthy again, or break it up for parts (the wheels alone are worth a fair bit and in fact sell separately on ebay and for good amounts). If I get a local breaker's yard to take it, I won't get anywhere near the worth of the parts it comprises, but looking on Ebay there are several similar vehicles in various states of roadworthiness all getting lots of bids and fetching good prices. MIne is actually better than some of those currently selling as it has more of the 'extras' on it.

I've decided I'm going to take my chances and do it, but one thing is bothering me. A few of the sellers of the same type of vehicle as mine have put 'cash or bank transfer only, no paypal'. I'm slightly concerned by this - why would they not want payment by paypal? I thought it was the best and safest way.

Dh has sold two cars via eBay - I will ask him his advice on this when he gets home.

Both cars he sold had issues - one had failed its MOT, and the other had real rust issues - but he's always been entirely honest about all the cars' faults, large and small, and he's always got more for them than we'd have got if the cars had gone to the scrapper (the only sensible alternative).

summerwinterton Mon 23-May-16 18:59:46

You have no seller protection with paypal, and should never take it for a collected item or a vehicle. You have no tracking to prove delivery.

Bank transfer is the safest way tbh.

Fontella Mon 23-May-16 22:58:43

Ok thanks for that, much appreciated.

19lottie82 Mon 23-May-16 23:21:57

Ok, you need to clearly mark it the title and description as "spares or repairs" or non runner.

As advised be totally honest about the condition of the car, some like to make a "good points" and "bad points" lists! Take plenty of photos inside and out, again making sure you photo any flaws.

I've sold a car and always put at the top of the description in red text, "please note this car is in your location, I cannot deliver, buyer must collect within X working days, cash on collection only".

It helps weed out the dumbos who are suprised that you can't deliver from Cambridge to Inverness, or realise the car is based nowhere near them, win the auction and then you never hear from them, and have to relist.

Are you planning on an auction or a buy it now type listing?

19lottie82 Mon 23-May-16 23:25:25

You will have a £10 listing few then another £20 if it sells.

If the car can't be drives away, again, make that clear in your description.

If you just want shot of it, I'd do an auction (you can put a reserve but personally I find that puts people off), but if you're in no hurry and have a minimum amount you will accept then try a BIN but it may take a while to sell (if it does at all).

If it's a collectors item would it not be worth trying some Internet forums (piston heads?) and the like first to see if you can get a bite?

CocktailQueen Mon 23-May-16 23:25:53

I just sold our car on ebay! You only accept cash because then the seller can't reclaim the PayPal cash, saying they've neve received it.

I recommend an auction - let the auction go to the end and don't accept buy it now bids - we had more interest than I had anticipated.

Make a list of the car's good and bad points - look for similar listings for ideas. You can take up to 12 pics so do! Make the most of this.

Fontella Tue 24-May-16 00:13:43

Thanks everyone. The most valuable thing on it is the very wide alloy wheels and off road chunky tyres, but due to the style and type of vehicle there are other extras which makes it very attractive for 'breaking' for off-roaders. I also have a spare set of wide alloy wheels and two fat tyres to sell, so hopefully can make a bit more there.

I'm going to go for it. The repairs are too costly and sad as I will be to see it go, no point chucking money at it.

I think I will do an auction and a BIN price (just because I know the value of the wheels), but I won't pitch it too high. Luckily there are plenty of them on there, so I can see the ones that are attracting interest and the ones that are being ignored due to the BIN price being unrealistic.

I will also advertise it locally - Friday ad. or similar - you never know.

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