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Postage to guernsey

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lozster Sun 22-May-16 21:44:23

Help needed quickly! My partner just sold a piece of large-ish baby equipment on eBay. His account is uk buyers only. Description said UK buyers only. Postage was Hermes. Heart sank to see Guernsey on the address. Hermes does not deliver there. With the dimensions of the item I'm having problems even getting a quote from Royal Mail.

Buyer hasn't paid yet but partner has sent mail to ask what they want to happen over postage.

Quick look leaves me unclear on whether Channel Islands are even uk and whether we can get them to cancel? Annoyingly the next bid was only two quid under...

Any advice?

summerwinterton Mon 23-May-16 10:18:21

Can't you cancel due to location you don't ship to. Then block them, tighten up your settings to stop buyers from outside the UK and do a second chance offer.

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