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listing vintage clothing

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robin64 Fri 29-Apr-16 17:16:32

If anyone does this be aware that buyers will now sometimes not see your items.
Reason is this;
you list in the category "vintage clothing" and assume your item will show up if for example someone types in the make - however ebay now filters this to womens clothing by default and your item does not show up unless you have paid extra to list in 2 categories - vintage and womens clothing (ie non vintage)
Buyer would only see your item if they searched more specifically for "vintage...."
etc There is a small box to the right of search bar which shows the category being displayed - it only shows all items if this says "all categories" but it now defaults without being selected to certain categories - most popular one.

Check your items by a variety of search words and see if they are displayed. This issue is new to me and it is a fairly new change to ebay according to their CS person. It may well be same for other items but I noticed it with vintage and have investigated further.

I'm not sure if I have explained this well but it will totally affect visibility of some items to buyers.

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