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Does anyone use Turbo lister on ebay? I have a question

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Bananaknickers Wed 10-Jan-07 15:38:33

I have just started using it, but when I log out it is not saving the information, Am I doing anything wrong?

Bananaknickers Wed 10-Jan-07 17:00:56


charliecat Wed 10-Jan-07 17:09:19

Ive used it and it saved my stuff till I deleted it.
I havent used it for ages but the drop down boxes along the top, is there something ticked there thats deleting them?

Bananaknickers Wed 10-Jan-07 17:20:18

thanks charliecat.What is the back up files thing. I wonder if that is the problem because I am saving it. I am not losing the listings everytime either. I keep having to redo the inserts aswell. Sometings not right

Bananaknickers Wed 10-Jan-07 17:39:46

I have just done a test one and it kept that. It seems to wipe clean if I leave it for a few days

charliecat Wed 10-Jan-07 17:42:59

Maybe youve somehow set it up to delete after so many days? Theres a box to tick to keep the tmeplate...Im just using TL for the first time in ages right now to list something as its 10p listing tommorow. I will have a look.

Bananaknickers Wed 10-Jan-07 17:51:26

Thats what I want to do too. I don't want to list it all and then lose it all in the morning. When you back up files do they stay on turbo lister?

charliecat Wed 10-Jan-07 18:22:46

I dont know whether they stay on turbo lister or whether they can be saved elsewhere in a folder and imported back in...which would do just fine

Gameboy Fri 19-Jan-07 13:45:13

I;ve never used turbolister - what's the advantage?

Bananaknickers Fri 19-Jan-07 13:47:35

I put things on during the day. THen in the evenings you can download the whole lot in one go to ebay. Leaving evenings free. Also handy when they have 10p listing days as you can prpare in advance. It also takes less time and you don't have to wait ages for pictures to download

charliecat Fri 19-Jan-07 13:47:58

You can list a load of things the day before a cheap listing day generally.....or do it late a night or early in the it...but load it up when your say you want it ending at can write out the auction at 1am...and then just click the upload button at 7pm

Gameboy Fri 19-Jan-07 14:27:34

Oh, I see - thanks. DO all the items end at the same time then? I've always thought that would be a problem especially if you're selling stuff that the same person might want in different bundles e.g. baby stuff?

charliecat Fri 19-Jan-07 16:29:01

you can pick them seperately...upload one some MN...upload another 5 mins later...its just saves your auctions so you can go back to them, so you can half do it, if you havent got all the info etc

Gameboy Fri 19-Jan-07 16:44:41

Ah yes - that does sound good.. I always get stuck estimating postage / weighing stuff etc

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