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Do you think January is a good or bad time to sell on Ebay?

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Legacy Tue 09-Jan-07 14:35:37

I have loads of stuff ready to be listed, but I'm kinda thinking that everyone will be in massive debt post-Christmas and that there won't be much buying?

Any thoughts/ experience?

nearlythree Tue 09-Jan-07 14:42:10

I'm buying, because I can't get out to the sales much. Guess it would depend on what you have though - anything obviously Christmas present-ish won't go. I'd suggest health/beauty/fitness things would be popular.

Skribble Tue 09-Jan-07 14:43:46

I have sold loads of dice and 2 handwarmers but not much else, I haven't bothere listing second hand stuff yet, but I will be soon. Loads of toys and I thought it was too soon after Christmas for people to want to buy more toys.

helenhismadwife Tue 09-Jan-07 15:21:23

it depends on what you are listing I think, a lot of people get money for christmas so want to spend it. I am listing some baby stuff thursday (10p listing day) but it will be buy it nows.

Legacy Tue 09-Jan-07 16:03:00

It's mostly children's toys and books, which is why I think it's too early.

helenhismadwife Wed 10-Jan-07 10:41:21

probably not the best time, but what you could do it put them on with buy it now prices only

nearlythree Wed 10-Jan-07 14:03:17

I have to say I'm not buying any toys or books, the dcs got sooooo much!

Piffle Wed 10-Jan-07 14:04:13

I buy kids clothes in dec-jan as prices drop a lot
Even Boden takes a hit.
But other stuff like prams and collectables does ok

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