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oh dear now I'm worried there is something not write can you ebayers help me out urgently?

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zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 23:37:29


I have successfully bid on this here

but i have just come across this here

blatantly it's the same description and both were updated and have mistakes in?...

JanH Mon 08-Jan-07 23:43:17

eeek - that is odd - should you email the seller of the one you've won with a link to the other one and ask him/her to explain?

serenity Mon 08-Jan-07 23:45:21

I bet the second ebayer was being lazy and just copy/pasted your ebayer's description. Lots of technical gubbins to type out otherwise.

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 23:51:39

I've sent a polite email asking for a confirmation of the hard drive size, the ram and the date of purchase. Also asked if it was bought on that date.

I feel it can't be identical. I hope it exists.

Oh I am useless at this ebay stuff.

Skribble Mon 08-Jan-07 23:52:30

I wouldn't worry, the tech stuff looks like a cut and paste job. Some one even cut and paste one of my personal pics of an item, I told him it was a bit cheecky as the one he was selling wasn't even boxed. Fair enough if it is a new item and the pic is a generic one.

youngmumoftwo Mon 08-Jan-07 23:54:12

The seller probably has more than one laptop to sell????

JanH Mon 08-Jan-07 23:54:56

They're in completely different locations though, ymo2.

JanH Mon 08-Jan-07 23:56:27

They're not allowed to copy another seller's picture, are they? Is it OK to copy text?

zippitippitoes Tue 09-Jan-07 00:01:34

the one I bought has changed the 1.5gb of RAM to 2.0 GB i have seen the second I have found out that the most it can have is 1.5GB

she has also put in a bit about an intel processor in her revision which indicated a power i book.

I am now wondering when it was bought as they did different ones..I thought it was November 2005 which is the last update I think, I don't want an earlier one..

zippitippitoes Tue 09-Jan-07 11:34:00

I am waiting to hear but having spent most of the night looking at her auction I have concluded that

it is an apple zyx probably a macbook not an ibook and 13 in not 12 in but could be a remote possibly it is a power book as that is the photo but I think she has just used the wrong photo

and it is with a intel core duo processor probably a core 2 as in the description

probably it is 2GB ram

and I've no idea what GB hard drive but if not an i book then must be more than 40 GB

and if not an i book it has a dvd burner

and the main long description is just something lifted from the other person's auction

hopefully she will answer my email sometime and tell me...hope so anyway she is very quiet

perhaps asking her dd what it is as she auctioned it for her apparently

youngmumoftwo Tue 09-Jan-07 16:49:27

Have you paid for it by paypal? If so you can dispute if you are not happy and get a full refund. If you are paying by cheque, dont send until you are sure. I wouldnt worry too much, I have obtained the same text for electrical items as other sellers have done the same, as I just do a search online for all the technical bumf and then copy and paste, a lot of people tend to do that. If you arent happy dispute it or dont pay!

zippitippitoes Wed 10-Jan-07 09:14:49

after some email correspondence..rather like trying to communicate through mud to someone who only speaks confusion we agreed that we would mutually withdraw and she would relist..I actually think she will get more money if she manages to list it inthe right section with the right heading and description as the one she has (still don't really know what it is as she doesn't seem to lol)is going for more than I paid..

thanks for the replies

zippitippitoes Thu 11-Jan-07 05:25:52

my little foray into ebay won't be repeated in a hurry
I had an email from ebay loss prevention dapartment today saying sellers account is suspended and "If you have not sent payment to the seller, we urge you to not proceed with the transaction." Fortunately I hadn't.

Is this unusual? I didn't make any complaint to Ebay. Does that mean someone else did?

Narrow escape I think.

colinandcaitlinsmommy Thu 11-Jan-07 07:22:00

It is against e-bay policy to copy someone else's pictures or text. Their account can get suspended or even terminated for that if someone complains. Sometimes people who copy others' descriptions and pics are just lazy, but many scam artists do that, too.

zippitippitoes Thu 11-Jan-07 10:46:52

ebay do send MI5 style emails don't they.

I think it was a scam..glad i saw the light, if you are scamming it might be wise to use details from an old auction not one that is on the same time as yours though..are one day auctions more suspect? She started hers after the auctions she copied the deatils from but the other auction finished yesterday..I reckon someone comparing prices (possibly that ebayer or one of her bidders) saw the double details too. Never again for me though.

I have bought a laptop from Dell outlet instead and it is a bargain at half the normal cost so hope it is ok..I have bought from there before

MerlinsBeard Thu 11-Jan-07 10:59:33

the first link has been withdrawn... ebay have all sorts of reasons to withdraw and suspend ppls accounts. Mine is suspended coz i can't aford to pay it but i have one suspended that i was bidding on withdrawn for fraud reasons ! Glad u didn't have to pay!

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