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Item not received

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HalleLouja Wed 13-Apr-16 07:40:27

I am just ranting.

I have sold an item and it hasn't been received.... It didn't sell for a fortune. The buyer paid for second class and is now complaining there is no tracking.

I have the proof of postage but the RM site isn't clear on how you claim back plus its only been 5 working days so can't do it.

Also was told by ebay chat that I needed to send proof of postage but it won't let me attach the picture I took.

Has anyone else been in this situation. This reminds me why I hate selling on ebay. Though usually I can find all the proof of purchases apart from the lost item.

HalleLouja Wed 13-Apr-16 07:44:11

Argh now I have been told a different story. Can anyone help?

What do you do? Do you charge more for postage and get everything tracked?

CocktailQueen Wed 13-Apr-16 07:47:00

What's the new story now?

OK. If it sold for under £20 then RM will pay out. Wait for 2 weeks then you can claim. Get form from PO or download from site.

Make the buyer wait till 2 weeks too then refund him. If you think he's lying, then block him from future bidding.

In future, consider only sending parcels recorded.

I just send things 2nd class, get proof of posting, and haven't had a problem yet. If you said you were sending 2nd class then the buyer should know this and shouldn't expect tracking.

HalleLouja Wed 13-Apr-16 07:54:17

I have proof of postage. They should know there was no tracking as the item was only for 2nd class. I will reply and say that I will raise a claim with RM when it gets to 2 weeks ie next Wednesday.

Who knows if they are lying....... Might block them anyway.

HalleLouja Wed 13-Apr-16 08:03:29

I have told the buyer I will make a claim next week when I can and to check with the sorting office again just in case....

They have been annoying me - contacting me on the Friday when I only sent it on the Wednesday as they paid too late for me to send on the Monday. Luckily the item is less than £20 if its more I usually send it by tracked mail anyway.

19lottie82 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:16:40

Asking the buyer to wait over two weeks for a refund isn't a great idea. Often it irrates them leading to negative feedback. Ebays guidelines aren't the same as Royal Mails.

Ask the buyer to confirm the delivery address then check it against the eBay and PayPal sales record. Also Google the postcode to make sure everything is correct.

Would the item for through a letter box? If not ask the buyer to check with their local sorting office, that it's not there. Posties don't always leave a card.

Has the buyer opened a case yet? If not, ask them to do so straight away so "eBay can get it touch with their local Royal Mail depot to conduct an investigation into the missing parcel". Not true but this scares a lot of scammers off IME.

If they do open a case, then check the latest delivery estimate in the sales record, and once 3 more working days have elapsed, issue a refund. If it hasn't arrived by then then 99.9% chance it's not going to, and as I explained, asking a buyer to wait over 2 weeks isn't going to do anything but piss them off.

19lottie82 Wed 13-Apr-16 10:19:59

If the buyer contacts you two days after you sent an item second class, refer them to the eBay delivery estimate, then ask them to get back in touch if the item hasn't arrived by the latest date.

You say the buyer got in touch last Friday, have you heard from them since? I find a lot of buyers jump the gun and start chasing an item too early (as in your case), then you never hear from them again, as at a guess then item has arrived.

HalleLouja Thu 14-Apr-16 06:22:18

I probably just refund them. They jumped the gun a bit messaging me on Friday. When I didn't send it last Monday as they paid at 5pm I sent them a message to say it would be sent on Wednesday which I did do.

If they do get back to me again complaining I will pay them back. I have heard from them quite a bit but not since I said I will pay them back next week. They have actually raised a case.

My problem is that eBay have given me conflicting advice and RM website isn't clear either. I think I will just send everything tracked as that is what eBay told me to do.

I have had it in the past the RM haven't put reminders through the door but that item was actually tracked....

summerwinterton Thu 14-Apr-16 09:51:07

tracked delivery is for your benefit regardless of what the buyer chooses. Just send everything Hermes and have done with it is my advice. You don't need to pay extra for the signature on lower value items and can upload tracking to eBay once dispatched, it will even do it automatically if you link Hermes to eBay.

HalleLouja Thu 14-Apr-16 09:55:48

For larger items I used to use Collect Plus but now don't as it got too expensive compared to Royal Mail. However, looking at My Hermes I didn't realise it was so cheap. I think I will use that instead. Just need to find my local office. Or am I missing something?

summerwinterton Thu 14-Apr-16 10:14:11

They can collect from your house if you want - is a no brainer to me tbh.

19lottie82 Thu 14-Apr-16 11:41:24

OP has the seller actually opened a case / request yet? If not then don't refund until they do.

If they have then just refund, if you can't prove delivery then you won't win.

Hermes are cheap, I haven't had any problems with them, but a lot of people complain about the poor service (there's a thread on this eBay page actually!). I guess it really depends on the quality of the delivery driver in your area.

HalleLouja Thu 14-Apr-16 11:51:23

They did raise a case and I have refunded. I will claim from RM when I can...rtf

DancingLadyEmoji Fri 06-May-16 21:08:43

Hey - I've had this situation too. Never had it before. Item was reported missing about two weeks after I sent it to the buyer first class. I must have incorrectly put my claim into Royal Mail as they sent me a book of stamps (!) rather than money for lost item. I'll deal with this by submitting my cert of postage. But - in your experience would you all wait until the buyer has raised a case before refunding? I asked her to do this nearly two weeks ago & she hasn't done so. Wwyd??

nauticant Fri 06-May-16 21:28:46

But - in your experience would you all wait until the buyer has raised a case before refunding?

Yes, I would nearly always do that. But I'd be polite about it and say "if you would like to wait a bit to see if the item turns up please do so but whenever you want you can open a case and I'll refund in response without a problem".

I asked her to do this nearly two weeks ago & she hasn't done so.

Chinny reckon.

DancingLadyEmoji Fri 06-May-16 21:34:24

Had to google "chinny reckon", but thanks grin

19lottie82 Sun 08-May-16 23:18:43

Yes, don't refund until the buyer has opened a cad, 100%.

19lottie82 Sun 08-May-16 23:19:07

Cad? Stupid fat fingers! Case!

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