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do you always get feedback?

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brimfull Mon 08-Jan-07 11:03:31

and what if they don't bother,do you ask for feedback?

Ladymuck Mon 08-Jan-07 11:06:32

Mostly - probably 90+% of transactions where I sell, 75%+ where I buy.

If I sell then I ask for +ve feedback to confrim that the purchaser has received the goods and are happy. If I buy then I gi e feedback to confirm that I'm happy. I don't chase though.

southeastastra Mon 08-Jan-07 11:07:30

no, we have sold tons of sales where people haven't left feedback, it's a pain but it's best to just forget about it really, def don't ask for feedback!

brimfull Mon 08-Jan-07 15:38:11

ok won't chase it,thanks

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