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buying when the seller only has a payp with credit crad logos on his I have to have a paypal account

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zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 10:32:01

....I never understand paypal. I think it is a clunky awkward system and although I did have to set up an account before I closed it again because I don't want one

so will I be able to pay by credit card with Pasypal if I win or

will I have to set up a Paypal account

and why doesn't the seller list some other methods

he is a new ebayer ie 0 feedback

and it is high value puchase 200.00 plus

Piffle Mon 08-Jan-07 10:37:58

would not buy from new seller for that value
Not ever

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 10:41:39

I did think's a laptop

I found his auction quite convincing

I am current top bidder

he had a reserve which I bid up to

more gasps from ebay peeps I think

Piffle Mon 08-Jan-07 10:46:11

Well I hope it's genuine.

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 10:56:08

this is it

bubblerock Mon 08-Jan-07 11:03:00

I think it looks genuine - if you read the questions at the bottom he has no problems with someone picking up the item from his home - if it was dodgy he wouldn't do that.

Paypal will offer the buyer protection and does tend to side with the buyer when problems occur. Pay using your credit card via paypal and you will be doubly protected.

bubblerock Mon 08-Jan-07 11:04:59

Don't bid any more - you'll push the price up, wait until the last minute then place your maximum bid.

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 11:05:58

do I have to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card?

Glad you concurr with my view Bubblerock and I even (geek!) looked up his nickname in a google search and I think I found him on another forum

as you can see from the auction I am not an ebayer

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 11:07:39

yes I was going to wait until the end to bid..I have won by sniping before

I have researched the going rate and he has too becuase it is around 200.00 worth a bit more, would be a good deal more through one of the ebay power sellers with VAT on top

Kidstrak Mon 08-Jan-07 11:13:59

zippi i think you can pay through paypal with a credit card (someone correct me if i'm wrong) i remember someone paying me with a credit card through paypal but i did have to upgrade my account or something to recieve the payment so it will depend what account the seller has set up, again someone correct me if i'm wrong! But if he wants the money he will have to upgrade i think!???

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 11:24:36

thanks he has the card logos on his payment by paypal so I think that means he has a premier account or that he has to take a card payment

reading between the lines i think he is a relectant beayer ie he is cautious (has been a member since Novemeber but not doen anything), has only offered Paupal and has had a high reserve 199.99

I think he has been advised by someone how to list or done a fiar amount of research first

all this togwether with offering pick up from home and the fact i think I saw him on a geek forum saying he didn't use ebay (and he says in his answers he is not really a big gamer) make me think he is OK

and that he lives in Llanpumpsaint..if I win i fancy picking it up!

zippitippitoes Mon 08-Jan-07 21:25:18

omg this went for 597.00!!!!!!!!!!!

I was bidder 5

I bought a ibook from apple 20 minutes earlier for 370 instead and I thought that was expensive

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