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E-bay sellers - anyone else got selling at this tine of the year and finding it quiet?

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BaileysMilkshake Sat 06-Jan-07 16:18:50

I have just started putting items for sale again after the Christmas season and have not had so much as a watched item for days.

Is anyone else finding buyers are quiet.

I have a good assortment of items, clothes, baby bedding, BNWT items and BNIB toys etc.

Be interested to hear from you!

Munz Sat 06-Jan-07 16:20:38

I am, listed 7 things, got 5 being watched but they all end today starting at 99p and not a bid yet, are all good stuff as well.

Piffle Sat 06-Jan-07 16:34:25

it's always quiet after xmas, picks up after the 25th when folks get paid again
I never sell 2 weeks before or 4 wks after xmas as prices suck
but great for buying

misdee Sat 06-Jan-07 16:36:47

i am selling collectors stuff atm, and its going well. people arent buying things like clothes and household as its all on sale prices in the shops.

nikkie Sat 06-Jan-07 18:06:41

I am selling a collecters item and it went on yesterday and has 5 watchers already so hopefully will go ok

lissielou Sat 06-Jan-07 18:08:27

lil sis and i have just opened up an ebay shop and so far seem to be doing ok it is just clothes tho

Munz Sat 06-Jan-07 18:14:31

lissie - where did you get eh stock from etc? i'm really intrested in doing a shop, but it's finding the marcket (not to mention start up)

lissielou Sat 06-Jan-07 18:16:52

just been to cheshire oaks today and got LOADS mainly outlets tho. sis works in fashion so found it quite easy to get good buys. she does the funky stuff i do the classic stuff (for classic read practical )

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