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Do I have to agree to this?

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BarbiesPurplePants Fri 25-Mar-16 13:43:24

Back in mid January, I ordered a World Book Day costume from a seller in China. It still hasn't arrived and so I have opened a claim to ask them to cancel the order and issue me with a refund.

The seller has been pretty insistent that he wants to send me another costume but I don't want or need it now so I said no to this.

The seller has just emailed to say that he will only agree to issue a refund if I agree to repay him if it arrives. I strongly suspect that he has already sent a replacement that I said I didn't want.

Do I have to agree to this? Or can I refuse and ask for an unconditional refund?


Moving15 Fri 25-Mar-16 13:45:14

If I were you I would stop conversing with the seller and let eBay settle the dispute. Did you pay with PayPal?

silverdrawers Fri 25-Mar-16 13:46:07

No you don't. As soon as you are able, escalate the claim and eBay will refund.

BarbiesPurplePants Fri 25-Mar-16 14:08:16

Thanks for the replies!

Yes, I did pay by Paypal. I have been emailing the seller as my only options under the ebay 'resolution centre' heading is to either respond to the seller or close the case.

It does say that if it is not resolved by 27 March, ebay will step in and help. So should I now ignore him and wait for an email from ebay on 27th march so that I can escalate it?

19lottie82 Fri 25-Mar-16 14:18:28

When was the latest delivery estimate for the costume, and when did you open the case? In order for eBay to enforce a refund there must be 30 days or less between these dates.........

BarbiesPurplePants Fri 25-Mar-16 14:54:33

The estimated date for delivery was quite a long window as I remember - something like mid Feb to early March. I opened the case on 19 March.

I've just been checking the sellers feedback and it seems he has form for dragging out the refund process. He's also begging me not to leave negative feedback!

I'll just ignore him and wait for ebay to contact me then. I was worried that if I didn't reply, it would prejudice my claim but it sounds as though it won't.

Thanks again

19lottie82 Fri 25-Mar-16 15:21:01

Ah good. I assumed it would have been a late delivery as t was coming from China but just wanted to check.

Yes ignore sellers messages, and any pleas they might make about their boss making them "pay for the item themselves" and so forth (the Chinese Sellers are famous for their sob stories!)

Just escalate the case as soon as you can and eBay should issue you with a refund.

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