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To Ebay or not to Ebay?

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AuntSallyBTeam Tue 22-Mar-16 12:14:33

My Dad's having a clear out and I've lots of old stuff to sell (old typewriter, "radiogram", pictures etc). I've been disappointed with eBay (think some of this stuff is a bit too specialist and it hasn't reached the reserve price) - how do I find the best place to sell particular items? Any advice please?

19lottie82 Tue 22-Mar-16 14:01:05

An auction house maybe?

AuntSallyBTeam Tue 22-Mar-16 17:24:28

How do you find the right auction house who specialise in what you want to sell?

SistersOfPercy Tue 22-Mar-16 23:03:30

Try shpock. It's free (though you can pay to promote items if you wish). I've had a fair bit of success with it actually. I posted on here about it a few weeks ago but it was deleted as it was reported as spam hmm (maybe check a users other posts before reporting...)

Anyway, if you're selling collection stuff it works well and people do seem to travel to collect too. It's not the quickest thing time wise, in averaging a week for stuff to go,but I imagine as it takes off it will improve.
Install the app on your phone and have a look.

TeamatTheWelshCorner Thu 24-Mar-16 10:28:23

I found Where To Sell helpful when I moved house to a new area and wanted to dispose of surplus brown furniture, silver, old maps etc. It's free and gives you potential buyers listed by distance and suitability.

lljkk Thu 24-Mar-16 10:32:40

If you do list on Ebay... only list with no fees, and start price should = minimum price you want (allowing for 10% Ebay share) Make the items pay by cash upon collection only and risks may be minimal.

Facebook has A LOT of selling pages which are free to use, too.

robin64 Thu 24-Mar-16 18:06:10

Try looking to see if you can get a stall at a vintage fair or do a car boot at a place that usually has good quality items/ vintage type stalls. Auction houses take quite a high% so unless it is rare and worth a lot it might not be worth it. A dealer might come and offer on a few items and collect them if you have any antique/ vintage dealers in your area. If you use ebay then research what things have sold for. Some old items you think might be worth a bit aren't really and vice versa. As Lljkk says - cash on collection - big heavy items just cost way to much to post.

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