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Bought buggy last night paid Paypal no reply all day am I being inpatient?

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Hillary Thu 04-Jan-07 18:54:49

I bought a buggy at about 9pm last night via paypal but there's been no reply and nobody's acknowledged me yet! is this normal?

charliecat Thu 04-Jan-07 18:55:59

Pefectly. They will have packaged it up and be awaiting a courier collection thier end...then it will arrive at your door whenever the courier brings it!

misdee Thu 04-Jan-07 18:57:24

its possible they havent logged on yet.

wheresthehamster Thu 04-Jan-07 19:10:11

Some sellers have automatic payment received replies set up when buyers pay, is this what you are expecting?

The majority however just send the stuff out as charlie said.

Hillary Thu 04-Jan-07 19:13:42

Oh i hope so - I'v bought from ebay twice before and both have been a total disaster! I think i'm expecting the worst!


tinkerbellie Thu 04-Jan-07 19:21:04

hi i buy a lot off ebay and have bought a fiar few buggies and they do normally come straight away, but you have to be soo careful with everything i wold never not use paypal now

Bubbaloo Fri 05-Jan-07 14:13:32

I buy lots from ebay and it's quite common not to receive any acknowledgement of payment from sellers.When I'm selling,I always email to say thanks for the payment,but sadly many people don't.I;m sure your buggy will turn up in the next couple of days.

Enid Fri 05-Jan-07 14:16:28

I never acknowledge a payment

wait a couple of days I am sure you will receive it

hairymclary Fri 05-Jan-07 14:18:00

sounds normal to me. they might not be online every day, could be at work, or they might just not have acknowledged you.
don't worry

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