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Help, What do I do?

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whoopsfallenoveragain Wed 03-Jan-07 22:35:50

I have an item with no bids which ends in about half an hour
I have 7 watchers and someone has asked if I would do a buy it now for an amount that I would be happy with
Can I do that? and would you?
It is a £50 voucher

hunkermunker Wed 03-Jan-07 22:36:36

Or you could get one of us to bid on it for you for 99p...

Can't believe I suggested that!

LITTLELOLLI Wed 03-Jan-07 22:36:59

you'll probably get a load of bid in the last minutes

misdee Wed 03-Jan-07 22:37:32

whats the voucher for?

TinsellyRhino Wed 03-Jan-07 22:37:42

you can change it to buy it now as long as noone has bidded on it but I'm sorry I don't know how you do it

foxtrot Wed 03-Jan-07 22:37:45

tricky one - sometimes you can have several watchers and only one bid. Could you say, if it doesn't sell, you'll take their offer? Is it higher than the starting price?

whoopsfallenoveragain Wed 03-Jan-07 22:39:03

I've done a starting price of £40 as I would be happy with that
The voucher is for space.nk

misdee Wed 03-Jan-07 22:39:32

found it

foxtrot Wed 03-Jan-07 22:39:57

what have they offered then - higher/lower?

whoopsfallenoveragain Wed 03-Jan-07 22:40:54

They have offered £40

whoopsfallenoveragain Wed 03-Jan-07 22:42:35

I have a bid now

foxtrot Wed 03-Jan-07 22:43:15

If they are the only bidder they will get it for that price, and will be happy. If they are outbid, tough - it's an auction. Can you bear to ignore them and see if they bid anyway?

foxtrot Wed 03-Jan-07 22:43:52

problem solved!!

whoopsfallenoveragain Wed 03-Jan-07 22:44:25

They have now bid on it so if they are the only ones to bid they can have it if not I get a better price

foxtrot Wed 03-Jan-07 22:55:21

i want to go to bed but i want to see how this ends (have found it on ebay)

whoopsfallenoveragain Wed 03-Jan-07 22:57:29

Lol I know I'm sat here waiting too!
I'm just happy it has sold!

foxtrot Wed 03-Jan-07 23:08:06

phew! nighty night!

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