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Does ebay ever blacklist business sellers?

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LyndaNotLinda Fri 11-Mar-16 22:35:21

Last week, I bought a tablet for DS's birthday which was advertised as next day p+p. Seller had a 97% rating. A week on, it hasn't arrived and now the seller has 'on holiday until 14 March' on their page, meaning there's no way it's going to arrive in time for DS's birthday. I'm bloody furious.

This evening I looked more closely at the feedback and there's loads more negative feedback but they have the little green cross next to them so they look like they're positive. Most of them are saying that the thing they ordered never turned up and the seller never communicated with them.

Does ebay ever ditch sellers? It seems to me that this seller may have been good once but now is crap. I feel really idiotic and just gutted that I've got nothing to give DS on his birthday sad

Mondy Fri 11-Mar-16 23:11:02

eBay does get rid of underperforming sellers (there are various targets that sellers have to achieve to stay in business), so eventually they will be caught. If the seller doesn't respond to you, you can escalate your case to eBay and they'll most likely find in your favour and refund you.

robin64 Sun 13-Mar-16 13:38:28

Have they marked the item as sent? and if so is there a tracking number which there should be for a higher value item?

I would contact ebay customer service and you may be able to cancel your order and get a refund.

Buyers should not be giving false positive fb they should be reporting the seller and giving negative fb.

LyndaNotLinda Mon 14-Mar-16 13:03:19

They didn't mark it as sent but it did have an estimated delivery date of Wednesday when I bought it which then changed to Tuesday (which gave me the impression it had been sent). I sent an item not received thing to ebay and they have refunded me which makes me think they didn't actually have the thing I bought at all and/or it went for less than they were hoping.

Of course as they refunded me, that is marked as a resolved case and I can't leave feedback angry

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