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Do any of you sell things on eBay?

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CruCru Mon 07-Mar-16 17:59:10

My Mum has just given me a couple of dolls that I used to have in the 80s (I never played with them and think they are ugly so have no qualms about selling). It looks as though they could be worth something if I sold them on eBay (not thousands but perhaps £100 each).

She is cool with me selling them too, I think she's relieved to have some more stuff taken out of her loft.

Do any of you sell things on eBay? I'm trying to get my Paypal account set up but, despite them saying that they have transferred some amounts to my current account, they haven't so it still isn't set up.

Is there anything I should know? Any obvious pitfalls?

GrumpyOldBag Mon 07-Mar-16 18:02:15

There is a whole board dedicated to eBay elsewhere on Mumsnet - suggest you post there.

CruCru Mon 07-Mar-16 18:03:17

Ah, super, will ask MN to move the thread.

LineyReborn Mon 07-Mar-16 18:05:30

The eBay board here is excellent. Some real experts on there. Good luck.

Send everything tracked!

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Mar-16 20:26:03

Hi, we're moving this thread over to our Ebay topic now. smile

nauticant Mon 07-Mar-16 21:45:47

The first thing you should do is research what you're selling.

You can search to see if the same or similar items are being sold. More usefully you can search to see if such items have been sold. Try to understand why certain ones get the higher sales prices.

Is there a market for selling them at a fixed price? I'm happy to relist an item at a Buy It Now price for months to see it go for £200 rather than £120 within the week.

PurpleFrog Tue 08-Mar-16 15:45:11

If you are new to selling you should practice with some lower value items and gain some good feedback as a seller before listing your dolls.

Twinsareplenty Fri 11-Mar-16 16:56:18

As above, always use a tracked courier service. Post Office are a rip off.
I have found generally selling Buy Now works better than sticking stuff on auction at 99p - the world seems to want stuff NOW - which is why Amazon do so well, and a lot of buyers can't be bothered sitting around waiting to bid. If you're unsure of exact value, go for a high buynow price but tick the 'accept offers' box too.

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