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Bluecarrot Thu 25-Feb-16 22:50:44

I bought an item by auction that all in was around £90. I paid by PayPal and it shows as completed.
I received an email direct to my account from "transaction bank" ( rest cut off) with the guys name and the bottom of the email showing it came from Lloyds bank. There was an attachment on the email but I think it was just the guys contact details ( to Lloyds bank in London)
I checked PayPal, it's completed so I disregarded email as spam, intending to report to eBay as phishing scam in the morning when their contact Center is open.
Now I've got a message through eBay asking if I received the email.
Alarm bells are ringing for me.
It's not a new seller - feedback in the thousands iirc.
Anyone come across this? Am I just being Worried unnecessarily?

Bluecarrot Thu 25-Feb-16 22:51:22

Whoops - the email said the funds hadn't cleared, and were pending?

Bluecarrot Thu 25-Feb-16 23:24:30

All sorted. Had him mixed up with another seller for feedback. Turns out he just hadn't sold enough stuff ( but bought plenty so high feedback count) and PayPal are holding the cash for buyer protection. ( well, that's what Google tells me)

As you were smile

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