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Buying from a seller in Germany...

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redclover79 Sun 31-Dec-06 20:27:48

I'm looking at buying one of those contraptions that go on the back of bikes (kind of like a trailer) that you can put young kids into to go cycling off into the countryside (they probably have a really obvious name, but I've gone completely blank ). Anyway, does anyone know if you have to pay any extra charges as the seller is based in Germany? I'd rather not bid until I knew!

notanotter Sun 31-Dec-06 20:29:12

i have done its fine

Crystaltips Sun 31-Dec-06 20:29:15

Check the postage - as that's all you should have to worry about xx

redclover79 Sun 31-Dec-06 20:38:06

Thanks! Holding myself back from bidding as I have visions of us cycling off into the countryside for a picnic! However, we don't actually own a bike (yet) apart from ds' little tikes trike, and I'm pg and due in April so we probably won't get round to it till winter...
I was worried in case there was any kind of import duty, but I shall now run off and give dp the hard sell on why we really need to buy this!!

wethreekingsofORINOCOare Sun 31-Dec-06 21:24:23

redclover where are you? I've selling one of those trailer things - I bought it last year off ebay (the german people) but dd1's too big now.If you're not too far away, are you interested?

redclover79 Mon 01-Jan-07 23:23:05

I'm in Bedfordshire, sorry I didn't reply yesterday pc's been giving me grief (grrr...). Whereabouts areyou?

Orinoco Tue 02-Jan-07 20:33:43

Message withdrawn

hairymclary Tue 02-Jan-07 20:35:46

you can get them cheap in halfords.
you'd have to pay a LOT of postage for it from germany, is it really worth it?
and yes, you may hve to pay customs charges too I think

redclover79 Tue 02-Jan-07 23:40:42

Thanks for the offer anyway, orinoco! I've held off bidding anyway as the seller seems to have them listed pretty regularly!
Thanks hairymclary, the postage is listed as £15 or so, and the trailer itself was going for about £30 so in theory it would work out cheaper than in the shops so long as there were no charges to bring it into the country... I've no idea how you'd find out though!!

LunarSea Wed 03-Jan-07 09:49:33

No customs from Germany as it's EEC, but it would cost a lot to get it here I think. If you're not in a hurry sign up for the Aldi/Lidl weekly offer emails - they have bike trailers for about £50 occasionally. Or Argos have them for about £80 .

Orinoco Wed 03-Jan-07 18:59:26

Message withdrawn

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